Specific procedures – pricing 2018

Recommended frequency of monitoring (all species) – every 3 months.

Samples required:

  • Plucked hair
  • Faeces
  • Ear swab
  • Oro-pharyngeal swab
  • Serum or blood


Procedure Basis Price
Euthanasia, bleeding, serum preparation per animal £24.00
Dissection out of MLN per animal £13.00
Histology report (including slide preparation) per slide £50.00
Special stains
1. Tinctorial
2. Silver

per slide
per slide




Procedure Basis Price
Aerobic culture and identification
per sample £35.00
Anaerobic culture and identification per sample £35.00
Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing per sample £25.00



Procedure Basis Price
Microscopic examination of anal imprints per slide £10.00
Macroscopic examination of gut contents per slide £17.00
Microscopic examination of gut contents per slide £17.00
Faecal examination per slide £17.00
Microscopic examination of the bladder mucosa in rats per slide
Macro and microscopic examination of the fur per slide £17.00



Procedure Basis Price
ELISA (6 or more tests) per test £15.00
ELISA, Canine and feline sera per test £30.00
Primate per test
On request
IFA screening test (one dilution) per test £28.00
LDeV and Leptospira testing per test £30.00
RHDV (VN) and Treponema testing per test £40.00
Bartonella spp. & Haemobartonella spp. per test £40.00



Procedure Basis Price
Microscopy and dermatohpyte culture per animal £42.00
Dermatophyte culture only per animal £35.00

Please download and complete our submission form to send with your samples.