About Us

Founded in 1996, Surrey Diagnostics Limited is an expert veterinary diagnostic laboratory, with Clients throughout the UK and Europe. We are fully staffed by trained scientists, veterinary surgeons and other professionals.

We offer a wide range of services to veterinary surgeries and scientific institutions, including serology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, molecular biology (PCR), haematology and biochemistry. Our trained research team is also able to develop new tests in response to Client requirements.

The rapid MRSA testing service is run by our Head Microbiologist who has over 30 years experience in the fields of bacteriology and mycology. The testing laboratory uses the latest developments in specific cell culture techniques and agglutination tests.

Our Enviroscreen service offers a high quality environmental monitoring services to a diverse cross-section of industries. These include the Veterinary Medicine market, food production facilities, pharmaceutical companies and the public sector – including hospitals, schools and office buildings.

Surrey Diagnostics Ltd is the UK agent for a number of different systems designed to reduce the levels of Laboratory Animal Allergens, viruses, bacteria and odours in the air. These work by using a combination of UV technology and Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). This type of technology been shown in laboratory animal facility trials to reduce airborne allergen levels by up to 97%. We have systems that can be simply fitted into rooms or systems that can be retro-fitted into the ducting of the HVAC system.

Surrey Diagnostics Ltd is also the UK agent for the ProGuard system which can create fresh batches of cleaning and disinfectant chemicals in a small self-contained handheld spray unit from just tap water and a small scoop of salt crystals using electrolysis technology. A similar technology called Ecosafe can be used to dose the water system in the building to kill bacterial contamination and remove biofilm, whilst still leaving the water safe to drink. These systems have been adopted by hospitals and childcare facilities across Europe and we are now bringing it to the laboratory animal sector.

Surrey Diagnostics Ltd is the UK agent in the laboratory animal sector for a technology called the Speedy Breedy. This small portable respirometer can be used to detect and quantify bacterial contamination in samples within hours rather than days. This removes the need to send samples off to microbiology laboratories for simple sterility checks, saving time and money. If a sample is found to be contaminated then the reaction vessel can be sent to Surrey Diagnostics Ltd for identification of the contaminating bacteria. This technology is already being used by major centres of excellence in the UK laboratory animal sector to check the sterility of their animal drinking water.